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Abraham Lincoln

   On one of my flea market expeditions I found a metal tray with an image of Abraham Lincoln. The tray has been sitting in the studio for about two years, just waiting to be used. Abe’s time came this week. The tray was the seed that this whole piece is growing from. As I played with my tin snips, I decided I wanted Abe to have a bit of a relaxed look, and perhaps be just a bit more hip. I am creating a basic black meets American outfit for him, along with a t-shirt. This photo shows the piece at about one third completion. I am getting excited at this point! I am anxious to see it near completion.

    Although the Lincoln piece is all cut metal on a panel, I had considered creating a collage plus paint background for a day or two. I let that idea go. With each of the cut metal pieces I do lately, I think about combining paint. I always back off. Maybe the next piece I’ll go for it. I just have this fear (Ha!) that it won’t work for me. We’ll see.


A Toe in the Water!

    I grew up in Toronto, Ohio, a small town situated on the Ohio River about 50 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. We lived three houses away from the Memorial Park Pool and in the summer months I could be found at that swimming pool nearly everyday waiting for the gate to open. I had a daily ritual where I dipped a toe into the water to check the temperature. The result seemed pretty much the same. Cold! Once that was established I would just jump in. And this blog is kind of starting out the same way. 

    I’ve pretty much ignored the whole blog explosion the past few years. That is until I started reading a book called Design Your Self by Karim Rashid. Mr. Rashid encourages his readers to embrace technology rather than ignore it or run away from it. So here I am. The primary focus of this blog will be my artwork, a sort of diary of what I am making (or trying to make), and how that whole process is working. My goal is to write something here at least four times a week. Let’s see what happens. I just jumped in!