Rogers, Ohio












 I love flea markets! It’s this wonderful strange mixture of stuff and people in this beehive of activity. As an assemblage artist I often refer to the flea market as my palette. Most of the materials I use in my work come from flea markets, and one of my favorite markets is the Roger’s Community Auction in Rogers, Ohio. My wife, Chris, and I were there this past Friday. That’s right, I said Friday. While most flea markets tend to operate on the weekends, Rogers has been open on Fridays for about a half century. The market attracts so many people on a weekday that one wonders, “Does anybody work?”.

    I should clarify here that I love outdoor flea markets. I find those indoor flea markets in old shopping malls, with merchandise bathed in fluorescent light from hell, to be quite depressing. Ugh! And the sales items in those indoor venues appear to have been on those tables forever. Stuff that nobody wants, not even an assemblage artist!

    My purchases on this trip resulted in the following: 3 old  photo albums with pictures, several tin cans (for de-construction, including one oil can in black. Why are black painted cans so difficult to find?), four 19th century paper puzzles with great graphics, and a few miscellaneous items. Not a big haul this time, but good usable material that will find itself in some artwork soon. As a bonus, it’s great to just be outdoors, walk around and take in the variety of humanity that abounds at these places. People form all walks of life and social strata. And the stuff. You wonder how some of it actually finds a new home, but it does. And you see people carrying things and you just ask yourself “Why?”. Then again, those individuals are probably looking at my purchases and mentally shaking their head in disbelief. In my mind, I’m thinking about the fun of getting getting back to the studio and putting some of my new materials into a piece of art. I’m pumped!


1 Response to “Rogers, Ohio”

  1. 1 angela m.
    July 18, 2008 at 12:38 am

    When someone finds a great flea market, it really is an opportunity to find treasures! Personally, the cobalt blue glass jars (pictured) strike my fancy (functional and fantastic). Bob, I really appreciate how you give forgotten, rare, and odd items new life!

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