The Big Six-Oh!

“I never feel age…. If you have creative work, you don’t have age or time.”  Louise Nevelson

    Last Saturday I hit the big six-oh. Holy crap, sixty! SIX-TEEEEE! Wow! I mean it is just hard to believe. I recall my grandfather at 60, and here I am. My wife, Chris, put together a great party for me at our favorite local cafe, Later Gator. About 36 friends and family were there and it was a great evening. The cake looked liked a team baking effort of Dr. Suess and Peewee Herman. When I saw the number sixty at the top of the cake, well, I guess that made it real. I am SIXTY!

    I am thankful for the fact that not one person got me a birthday card that made reference to me being “over-the-hill!” (I really hate all that over-the-hill crap that seems to fill the average greeting card display.) I don’t think about age much, except when I reach a birthday, or run into someone from high school. I think, “Good grief! He/she is OLD!”. Then the realization sets in that I am that age! 

    So does the age thing bug me? I mean I shouldn’t be embarrassed about being sixty. I do feel positive that I have survived this long. And I don’t believe one can reach this point in life with some regrets, however few they might be. I feel lucky to have a wonderful wife, family, and friends. And I am fortunate to have my art making and teaching. 

    I ran across this poem which seems quite appropriate, (but I have no idea who the author is.):

Twenty eight or fifty nine? 
Age is only a place in time 
where we live our lives from day to day 
never thinking about the way 
we use the hours, the days, the years 
as we float alone within the sphere 
of time and space with birth and death 
to mark the boundaries of our quest. 

Who we are, or were, or wish to be 
is not connected to age, you see, 
but more attached to what we’ve learned 
along the way between the turns 
of truths and trials and traumas past 
that helped to form the final cast 
of who we are at journey’s end – 

then have the chance to begin again.


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