Catching Up

    When I started this blog last month my plan was to write several times a week. Here it is, June 27, and it has been way too many days since my last entry. OK, so I am getting back on the horse.

    Studio work continues to move along, and in the past six weeks I have completed eleven small assemblages and four tin can works. I am currently working on series based on Mexican wrestling masks. This grouping will be part of a show called Estano Luchador, which will open September 12 at Gallery on 43rd Street, Pittsburgh. A few days ago I started a large tin can work (36″x36″) that is actually made up of four 18″x18″ panels that will interlock to make the one large piece. This approach should help to make transporting larger works a bit easier since we now have a smaller truck. Plus, I realize these sections are easier to handle in the studio. My working title for this piece is Laughing Man in a Green Hat. This could change.

    Central PA Festival of the Arts is only three weeks away! This is the only summer arts festival I still do and is an event I focus on to bring a new body of work each year. I’ve got to kick things into high gear now. There are also a couple of juried exhibitions coming up which I plan to enter. Of course, there is always that threat of rejection that looms over those events. Time to thicken the skin a bit! Ha!

    I put the studio behind me last week as Chris and I, along with our friends Paul and Janice, headed to Hocking Hills for four days of hiking (with periods of hot tubbing in between hikes). We tried something on day three that none of us had ever done: ziplining! We zipped above the forest canopy on a wire! We experienced this three hour adventure at Canopy Tours, and it was great! I must admit, I was a bit uneasy the first few “zips”. There are ten of these, and each one gets higher and longer. However, our guides, Matt and Shamrock, were great! These two guys were very supportive and really helped to build up our confidence level, resulting in a fun experience for all of us.

    This photo shows myself along with my wife, Chris, and our friends Paul and Janice as we take a break along the zipline trail. The second photo shows me coming in on the line as our guide, Matt, prepares to give me the braking signal. 

    As much as I love working in the studio, getting away and experiencing the outdoors is revitalizing, as well as beautiful and just plain fun! OK…. time to make ART!




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