The Visitor

Photographer Jay Stock sitting at my work table

    Photographer Jay Stock, who lives in Martins Ferry, Ohio, visited my studio the other day. Jay had been saying he just wanted to hang out in my studio for a day and photograph me as I work. Jay is a great guy and a fine photographer, but I was just a bit uneasy about the whole thing. Other than an occasional one hour demo at the Central PA Festival of the Arts, I never have had any one watching me work. I wasn’t even sure I could work while Jay was here. 

    However, it all went very well. Jay took photos while talking, I kept working while talking. About four hours later Jay had shot several rolls of film, and I had actually completed two-thirds of a piece of work. Plus, Jay is a wonderful conversationalist and he has tons of life experiences to share. The day flew by and it was a lot of fun!

    Meanwhile I am finishing some new works to take to the Central PA Festival of the Arts, which runs July 10 through 13 in State College, PA. Chris and look forward to visiting with several artist friends while we are there. A bonus to this annual event is our visit with Laura and Don Barletta. Laura and Don have been letting us stay in their guest room for the past eight years of the festival. They make us feel very welcome and we appreciate their hospitality. 

    I recently got a piece in the 98th Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Exhibition. The work, Laughing Man with Green Hat, will be part of the exhibit which at the Andy Warhol Museum from July 31 through September 14. 

    OK, it;s back to the studio!


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