I’m No Blogger!



Mitch Lyons

Artist: Mitch Lyons

    I’m no blogger. At least not a consistent one. It has been over a month since my last entry. What happened to writing on a regular basis? For that matter, what happened to October, November, December? OK, ok…. enough of my whining. 

    A few weeks after my last entry I made the trek north to Rogers Auction and Flea Market. It was a beautiful fall day, full of sunshine and crisp air. Now to be honest, I don’t need any more materials to work with. I have too much stuff in the studio as it is, and it has got to the point where it is difficult to move around in there. But here I was, poking through the tables of stuff at Rogers once again. I kept thinking, “Winter is on its’ way!”, and that means the outdoor venders will all but disappear until spring. Strike while the iron is hot, correct? Besides, it was a great day to drive through acres of richly colored leaves. Rogers Auction and Flea Market

    But now it IS WINTER! It is late January and outdoor flea markets are just a memory. There is about four inches of snow and ICE. It snowed last night, rained most of today, and then late this afternoon more snow! The college was closed yesterday and today, so that gave me opportunity to make art and work on my website.

    Right now I am juggling 3 exhibitions. I have a show at Ashland University in Ohio which opened January 15 and runs through February 20. Our faculty exhibition at West Liberty opened January 21 and I also open a show at Ohio University Eastern on February 12. Originally, I had planned to move the work at Ashland to OUE, but then I realized last week that due to the two shows running dates that will not work. Agggghhhhhh! However, I had more work on hold in the studio then I realized, so it should work out fine. (Whew!)

   I put together a mail art installation in our current Faculty Exhibition at West Liberty. I invited 30 artists to create an insect on postcard. Twenty-four artists responded and they are: Susan Levi-Goerlich, Jeremy Villamagna, Foust, Melanie Cheek, Ron Donoughe, Kyle Hallam, Henry Peter, Alison Toman, Phyllis Sigal, Priscilla Roggenkamp, Mitch Lyons, Tom Doepken, Liz Newmann, Mark Tobin Moore, Cecy Rose, Kim Young, Bobby Hansson, George Wazzenegger, Cheryl Ryan Harshman, Marc Harshman, Kenn Morgan, Anne Foreman, Paul Schifino, and Mark Janicko. Visitors to the gallery have enjoyed viewing the works and many have commented about the creativity and diversity of the “bugs”. My thanks to all 24 of the artists who made this a success! 

Bug Mail Art Installation, Nutting Gallery, West Liberty

Bug Mail Art Installation, Nutting Gallery, West Liberty


Ron Donoughe

Artist: Ron Donoughe


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