Gerdy Art

    Each August my wife, Chris, and I make our annual drive to the Ohio State Fair in Columbus. This huge fair has an endless mix of sights, smells, and sounds that we totally enjoyable. One of the highlights of our annual visit is the art exhibition in the Knox Fine Arts Building. This juried exhibition always seems to have a wide range of high quality, creative work by a variety of talented artists. Now you might just be thinking that the words “quality art” and “state fair” don’t go together, but you would be wrong! It is a terrific show!

    At the 2007 exhibit we saw the work of artist Dan Gerdeman and I told Chris that I would like to get this artist to do a show at the Nutting Gallery at West Liberty State College. Seventeen months later I was helping Dan install his exhibition at West Liberty.

Dan Gerdeman's work hanging at Nutting Gallery.

Dan Gerdeman's work hanging at Nutting Gallery.

    Dan paints original cartoon-like subjects and weaves words into the artwork. The content of these paintings come from Dan’s life experiences and memories, mixed in with bits of quirkiness and humor. Here are a few of Dan’s works from the exhibition:


dsc_0090dsc_0077_21    Dan Gerdeman’s show at Nutting Gallery closed March 6, but he will be exhibiting his work, along with nine other artists, in a one-day show at ChopChop Gallery in Columbus on March 28, 2009.  To learn more about Dan Gerdeman and his art, check out http://www.gerdyart.net



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