Back in the Classroom

DSC07911    It had only been a week since spring classes wrapped up at West Liberty University, and yet I found myself right back in the classroom. Recently I was invited by Mary McCardell at the Wells Academy to talk about my art and do a project with the fifth grade. Wells Academy, located in Stuebenville, Ohio, facilitates learning for grades Pre-K through 5. Selection of new students is done by a lottery drawing held each year in May. Wells Academy offers a full range of regular, gifted, and special education classes. The school offers varied learning opportunities including extra-curricular and cross-curricular activities such as advanced reading programs, the arts, athletics, Destination Imagination, and music.  

     I spent about 20 minutes discussing several of my “tin can works” that I had brought along. There were some great questions from the students, some referring to how did I make the cans flat and how did I cut them. This made me realize I should have brought along some tools and a few cans for a short demo. After talking about assemblage and collage, the students began creating collage self-portraits. These photos will show you some of the students working and a few pieces of finished work. It was an energy-filled, creative afternoon, and the students seemed to enjoy the activity.









1 Response to “Back in the Classroom”

  1. 1 Cheryl
    May 18, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    Didn’t you just LOVE the energy in this 5th grade classroom!?! Don’t you wonder what happens between age 8 and 18? Kids ‘n art…2 of my faorite things.

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