San Francisco/ part 1.


Chris making use of a sidewalk sign on Haight Street.

Chris making use of a sidewalk sign on Haight Street.

    Chris and I spent eight days in San Francisco in early June. As a child I had lived there for a while and have just a handful of memories from that period of my life.  We tried to spend each day in a different part of the city, taking advantage of public transportation, especially the cable cars. We had originally reserved a rental car, but prior to leaving for California we discovered that the parking fees for our rental car were going to be quite expensive. We thought it over for a few days and then we discovered several websites on visiting San Francisco “car free”. That clinched it! We dumped the rental car, purchased a one-week pass for public transportation, and got a $3 map of the transit system. We never missed the car!


Museum of Art & Design.

San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design.

    We did visit a few art museums and galleries while in San Francisco, one of which was the Museum of Craft + Design. The current exhibition was Matt Kahn: Artist and Educator, which runs through July 12, 2009. Chris and I were not familiar with Mr. Kahn’s work, but this exhibition presented us with an insightful walk through Kahn’s work within the context of Bay Area art and design of the 1950s and 1960s. Mr. Kahn has been an innovative artist and compelling designer throughout the past sixty years, and has earned national respect for his exploration of all art forms-from painting and sculpture to textiles, metalwork, furniture design, and interiors.


Chris in front of a Kahn work while photographing a neighboring piece.


Kahn discusses his work in a video while two more works hang on the wall.


Work by Matt Kahn. Niega by Matt Kahn, 2001, acrylic on canvas.

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