Glendale Drive-In


The Glendale Drive-In marque, Glendale, WV

The Glendale Drive-In sign, Glendale, WV

    I started this blog a year ago after reading an article about artist websites in an art magazine. The article stated that statistics show those artists websites connected to an active blog tend to have higher traffic numbers. So my intention is for this bog to be about art and art making, and yes, mainly my art. However, my blog dashboard (which gives my stats) shows that my highest number of hits are on the posts about flea markets! Go figure! So much for my art career. 

    During the warm weather months I do make it a point to hit a flea market whenever time will allow. Flea markets are my primary source of art materials. Plus, I just like the feel of most outdoor markets….. the market grounds, the stuff, the overheard conversations, the items in peoples arms, and the people themselves. I believe I have yet to discover an indoor flea market that I like. They are usually a greenish florescent hell filled where the merchandise rarely turns over and many of the vendors have this zombie-like stare. 

    Recently I drove to the Glendale Drive-In Flea Market in Glendale, WV, home of country music star Brad Paisley,  (who probably does not go to flea markets). Now the Glendale Drive-In is only about twenty minutes south from where I live, but I only seem to get down there about twice a summer. For whatever reason, I do not seem to find as much of the type of stuff there that I search for. On a warm, dry Sunday morning I would estimate that the Glendale Drive-In gets a couple hundred dealers. However, on this morning it was a bit cloudy and I believe some would-be dealers stayed home do to possible showers.


View of the flea market from the parking area.

View of the flea market from the parking area.


A few early buyers

Some vendors spaces look like mini-Walmarts.


                               A few early buyers trying to get a look before the stuff even comes out of the trunk.


A few early buyers trying to get a look before the stuff even comes out of the trunk.


A vendor puts out merchandise as the unlit screen looms in the background. Some wheeling and dealing goes on as the unlit screen looms in the background.


No table

Got tools?

     The Glendale Drive-In Flea Market seems to be heavy in hunting and fishing equipment, tools, nuts & bolts, baby clothes, used toys, and home decorating stuff. One thing I can say, if you do find something here you can use, it is usually priced right. On this day I did pick up a bag containing a few walls from two different, mismatched doll house-type structures; an old  apothecary jar (to put on Ebay); a stack of Victorian reward cards; and a couple of cans to cut up. Now let’s make some art!


3 Responses to “Glendale Drive-In”

  1. 1 scott bennett
    October 11, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    The more things change, the more they stay the same cause you’re still hangin’ out with Clay people (Truck drivers of the art world). I said OMG when I saw the Glendale Drive-In sign. Good times, good times. Dori has a blog on blogspot.

    Pretty good

  2. April 14, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    Now 2012, looks like the God Damm Drillers are camping there, don’t look like the flea market will be open this year.
    They already got the fair grounds and a lot of the roads around here messed up.
    Does anyone know fore sure if this is the end to the glendale drive in flea market?

    • 3 Glendaledrivein
      May 29, 2013 at 10:35 pm

      It’s done. The land was sold. And in response to the blogger, brad paisley may not frequent the flea market, but he and his family sure did frequent the drive in. Probably why he chose to film one of his music videos there

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