Villamagna Studio Clean-up Sale

Leftover from my tattoo show at Gallery on 43rd. Street in 2006.

Leftover from my tattoo show at Gallery on 43rd. Street in 2006, and is just one of my SALE pieces.

My studio tends to get cluttered and I take a lot of ribbing about it from friends and family. I admit my workspace does get clogged with stuff, but as assemblage artists will tell you, it is the nature of the beast. Years ago, when I was concentrating on watercolor and color pencil, life was simpler and my workspace much less hectic. Recently I made one of my semi-annual attempts to clean the studio and hopefully make more work space available. While my tin cans, old metal, and miscellaneous collage and assemblage stuff takes up a lot of my studio space, I discovered something else. I have way too much “old” art work that is also taking up valuable work space. These are pieces that are left over from various exhibitions, parts of past themes of work, or works that just do not fit in with what I am currently exhibiting. So, I have decided to have a “sale”within a sale!

I will be exhibiting my work at Oglebayfest Artists Market in Wheeling, WV on October 2, 3, and 4, 2009. About one half of my booth will be devoted to my Studio Clean-up Sale: older work that has been taking up space in the studio and will be sold CHEAP! These include assemblages, collages, mixed-media paintings, and some older tin work. And as those pesky used car dealers keep telling us, “When they’re gone, they’re gone!” (The other half of my booth will be current work that WILL NOT be discounted.) I have never done this before, so in a future blog I will let you know how this works out!


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