Assemblage Workshop


Stephen working on his assemblage at SCC.

    This past weekend I taught a two-day assemblage workshop at Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh. Presenting contemporary art in craft media by international, national and regional artists since 1971, the Society for Contemporary Craft offers cutting edge exhibitions focused on multicultural diversity and non-mainstream art, as well as a range of classes, community outreach programs and a fine retail store. SCC is located at 2100 Smallman Street in Pittsburgh, PA’s Strip District.


Lisa adding "shoulders" to her assemblage doll made of a potato ricer, watering can, and a 1940's era cloth "head".


Sydney, the youngest member of the class, working on an assemblage version of herself using a variety of recycled materials.

    Pittsburgh’s Strip District, located on the Allegheny River at the north-east corner of the Golden Triangle,  was formerly occupied by warehouses and railroad installations. It is now the city’s wholesale market center and is a scene of lively activity in the early morning and forenoon, especially on the weekends. The Strip contains a variety of restaurants, shops, and street vendors, as well as the Wholesale Produce Terminal, the largest wholesale vegetable market in western Pennsylvania.

Lisa, Stephen, and myself having lunch at Enrico's Biscotti. The pumpkin linguini is delicious!

Lisa, Stephen, and myself taking a lunch break at Enrico Bicotti in the Strip.

    Two of the students and I grabbed lunch at Enrico Biscotti Company. We shared pumpkin linguini, greens and beans, and veggie marinara. Wow! Sooooo delicious! And on the way out we had to buy a few pastries. Hey, working on assemblages takes a lot of calories.


Renae, mother of Sydney, forming an armature for her bottle cap scarecrow.

    On a recent trip to Africa, Renae had taken photos of a large figure covered in plastic beverage bottle caps. She decided that she wanted to do something similiar (although a bit smaller) and use the finished work as a scarecrow in her backyard to hopefully ward off ground hogs.

    SCC has an arrangement with The Priory Hotel, enabling Chris and I to spend the night. A remodeled Benedictine monastery, The Priory Hotel is a boutique  hotel  located on Pittsburgh’s North Shore. The Priory has 24 rooms and business suites. Complimentary evening beverages are served, and continental breakfast and free parking are provided. The hotel is conveniently located near shopping, museums, and parks. That evening, Chris and I walked about six blocks to Legends North Shore, a small restaurant with great food and wonderful service.


The Priory, a Benedictine monastery turned into a hotel.


Entrance to the Priory.


Day II: Sydney and her "mini me", two-thirds complete.


Lisa's "doll" gives a new life to a variety of household items.


Stephen with his completed "mobile home".


The other side of Stephen's "mobile home".



2 Responses to “Assemblage Workshop”

  1. 1 Lisa McFerren
    November 11, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    Thank you for a weekend of artistic, conversational and gastronomic feasting! I returned home renewed and inspired!

  2. January 1, 2011 at 7:28 am

    Its a long way from Melbourne however I would have loved this workshop.

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