Catherine Butler

Loose by Catherine Butler

It was my  pleasure recently to bring artist Catherine Butler to the Nutting Gallery at West Liberty University. Catherine’s show, titled Curious Sightings, was an installation of 82 individual jewelry pieces. Catherine created a series of brooches that were mounted in groupings on the walls of the gallery.  As a viewer entered the gallery they were greeted by what looked like small specks on the wall.  Upon closer inspection, the viewer discovers small worlds or scenes, mostly figurative in nature, but others abstract. The gallery had four distinct wall sections on each long side, and one section at each end, each section contained its own thematic grouping.  Some groupings were scattered across the wall section, others were more regimented and linearly arranged.  Catherine worked with the ideas of microcosms and also vast endless dream space depicted on a small scale.  The individual brooches were in the approximate size range of 2” – 6”.  She made all the wall mounts for the pieces, and these were painted to match the walls making them as invisible as possible.

The work was a continuation and melding of several recent directions in Catherine’s work, including mikromegas, collage wall brooches, micro-macros, and botanical works. The pieces were made of combinations of metals, incorporating paint, colored epoxy. pearls, and other materials.

Catherine talks with a couple of West Liberty University students at her exhibition opening.

Catherine is an Ohio artist and studio jeweler who mixes humor and beauty in her interpretations of figures, flora and fauna.  Her work can be found in the collections of Die Neue Sammlung, Staatliches Museum fur angewandte Kunst, Design in Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, on permanent loan from the Danner Foundation, Munich, Germany; and of The Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus.  She is the recipient of two Individual Artist’s Fellowships from the Ohio Arts Council, and various other awards.  Her work has been shown in exhibitions and galleries around the world and featured in magazines, and in books including: THE ART OF JEWELRY DESIGN by Deborah Krupenia, and in a virtual exhibition at http://www.craftinamerica.org.  She has taught as Adjunct Faculty in Metals in the Art Department at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and given workshops in a variety of venues including the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh.  Catherine currently teaches art at Laurel School for Girls in Shaker Heights, Ohio and works in her studio in Cleveland Heights.

Transfixed by Catherine Butler

Transfixed (silver and copper).

A portion of Catherine Butler's installation in the Nutting Gallery

Catherine was great to work with and she has a great laugh! That wonderful laugh became a part of the exhibition each day as a Catherine discussed her work via a five minute video.

Falling Awake by Catherine Butler

Catherine greets gallery visitors with her signature cheese & veggie tray.


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  1. April 26, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    Robert!!! I just found this–(almost 5 years later) Thanks so much for putting it up—Catherine

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