Whatever Works

The kitchen turns into a photo studio.

Sometimes you’ve just got to make things work even though you may not have the ideal conditions. I just finished some new works for our upcoming faculty exhibition at West Liberty University (it opens January 20) and I needed to shoot them for my website. I usually shoot my pieces outside or at school. My studio is a bit small, plus it is not heated. So yesterday  it was time to turn the kitchen into a temporary photo studio. It is not the best space for photographing one’s work, and all cooking comes to a halt, but for a few hours it works for a photo shoot. The piece on the table above can be seen in the photos below:

The House Isn't There Anymore, front view.

The House Isn't There Anymore, back view.

Like I said, the kitchen is not the ideal space for shooting artwork, but sometimes you just got to do whatever works. As artists we can get caught up in waiting for the ideal studio, the perfect materials, or the right equipment. All that does is prevent us from doing our work, which is making art. I believe photographer Jay Stock told me once that when he was first starting out he did not have a studio and had to turn his kitchen into a darkroom, and he made it work!

Our annual faculty exhibition usually has a theme, and this year’s theme is “buildings”. Faculty members submitted ideas and then we voted. (I voted for “meat”.) The buildings theme won. Below are two more of my building pieces, and the rest are on my website.

Dream House by Robert Villamagna

Turning On the House Lights, by Robert Villamagna


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