West Liberty University Art Faculty Exhibition 2010 (part 2)

View from Eternity, installation by Paul Padgett; in foreground is Breathe Deep by Lambros Tsuhlares.

The West Liberty University Art Faculty Exhibition opened Wednesday evening, January 20. Six full time and three adjunct faculty members responded to the theme of “buildings” with over 50 works of art. The work covers a wide range of media including installation, video, photography, digital, paining. printmaking, sculpture, collage, assemblage, and painting. The opening reception drew a large  crowd, with strong attendance by both the off-campus and campus communities.

Alberti, Palladio, and Brunelleschi by Brian Fencl.

View of the gallery showing the work of Nancy Tirone, Lambros Tsuhlares, and Robert Villamagna.

Castles in the Sky by Nancy Tirone.

Digital work by Moonjung Kang.

Retired by Robert Villamagna.

Bricks in the Wall by Lambros Tsuhlares.

Work by Paula Lucas.

Haven, a photograph by Neal Warren.

Another view of the gallery, showing works by Paul Padgett and Robert Villamagna.

Art students Joshua and Olivia view the exhibition.

Tin House by James Haizlett.

The WLU Art Faculty; from left, Nancy Tirone, Brian Fencl, Moonjung Kang, Paula Lucas, James Haizlett, Robert Villamagna, Paul Padgett, and Neal Warren. Not shown is Lambros Tsuhlares.

For more photos and info on the WLU Art Faculty Exhibition, please check out my previous blog entry.


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