NYC: Gallery walk through chelsea

All of the art in Chelsea is NOT in the galleries!

After our walk on the High Line it was time to hit the Chelsea Galleries. It seems that more and more condos are opening up in Chelsea, which means less galleries. Now I have no figures to back this up, but several of us noticed a change happening here.

At the Pace Gallery  we saw some big stuff! Los Angeles based artist Sterling Ruby has created two large-scale works for Pace’s 22nd Street space. One is a hollowed out and reconfigured bus with individual locked cages replacing the normal bus seating. In the back is an area filled with subwoofers. We took a walk through the bus and looks like some kind of prison transportation device from the future. Strange! I spoke with one of the gallery staff who told me the mass the of speakers do not really play, and that the bus itself had a previous life promoting Mountain Due.

Cage Bus by Sterling Ruby.

One of several huge "black walls" by Banks Violette at the Gladstone Gallery.

I forget the gallery, but the entire show seemed to based on the Wizard of Ox.

Part of the Calder show at Gagosian Gallery.

I saw this sticker on a wall in Chelsea.

Like I said, not all the art is inside!

After a day of visiting several dozen galleries, Lambros and Paul went to an off-Broadway play, and I walked to the Sunshine Theater on Houston Street to see the film The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. What a fantastic movie! The crowded theatre actually gave an ovation at the end of the film. When was the last time you experienced that at a movie theater?

Yonah Shimmel Kinishery.

After the film I stumbled upon the Yonah Schimmel’s Downtown Knishery. Yonah’s has been dishing up brick-sized knishes since 1910.  If you’ve never had a knish, get yourself to 137 East Houston Street. I picked up two, one spinich and one brocoli to take back to the hotel.

The main man at Yonah Schimmel Kinishery.


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