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Food, Inc. Project/ Part #2

Here are some additional images of my ART 160/ Design II. students work for the Food, Inc. project.

Multi-colored cow represents the different animals and products that may go into one fast food burger, by Caleb.

Corn.... it's what's for dinner! by Victoria.

Meat eating pig, by Amanda.

Fast food lunch by Samantha (look closely to see the little cows on the bun).

Cow with bar code, by Curt.

Fast food cow, by Matthew.

Industrial corn, by Nikki.

Behind the scenes of fast food, by Kevin.

No Photography, by Lisa.

Ecoli spinach, by Kelsey.

Closed chicken house, by Krista.

Open chicken house, by Krista.

Cow, stomach filled with drugs, by Erica.

Corporations controlling the farmer, by Brian.

McCruel, by Rosey.


Food, Inc. Project

A few months ago I watched the documentary,  Food, Inc., which is an American documentary film directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Robert Kenner. The film examines corporate farming in the United States, concluding that the meat and vegetables produced by agribusiness have many hidden costs and are unhealthy and environmentally-harmful.

I thought I would try to use the documentary film as a basis for a project in my ART 160/Design II. class at West Liberty University. In addition, I felt that the documentary might make the students more aware about where their food comes from and how it is produced. Students were asked to view the film, and then respond (pro or con) to the film by creating a 3D visual statement. Students had approximately 3 weeks to complete their project, including viewing the film and submitting proposal sketches. Students were free to choose the media, resulting in projects that were made of fiber, paper mache, wood, Sculpey, and cardboard, and found objects. Here are some of the results:

Forked Cow by Dan.

Cow's head on a bed of corn by Courtney

Chikowig (chicken/cow/pig hybrid) by Emily

Scales of justice by Brandon

No bone animals by Chelsea

McDonald's by Vinnie

McDonald's by Vinnie, part #2.

McDonald's by Vinnie, part #3.

Overweight chicken by Lauren

Glasses with shades down by Abrielle

Glasses with shades up by Abrielle

I have a few of the more of the projects to share, and will put them up in the near future.


rogers sale: a sign of spring

Rogers open air market at 8:15 AM.

Rogers Community Auction and Open AIr Market (aka Rogers Flea Market) is open every Friday twelve months a year. However, I don’t start attending the market until the outdoor temperature on a Friday reaches 60+ degrees. Oh…. and it’s got to be dry (no rain). When the dealers at Rogers start setting up outside of the buildings, I know spring is here for real! This past Friday my wife, Chris, and I made the drive to Rogers on a beautiful sunny morning. Temperatures were expected to hit a near-record breaking 82 degrees, and that is quite warm for early April in Ohio.

As an assemblage artist, Rogers is a great source of materials for me. On this day I ended up with several items that I hope to put to good use in some future work. Here are a few photos of the day: