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Art and Dinner

Chris and I headed to southwestern PA last Tuesday for a wonderful combination of art and dinner. Our hosts were artist David Lesako and chef/author/food columnist, Miriam Rubin. Visiting an artist’s studio and eating good food is right up there on my top ten list of ¬†things I love to do! It does not get much better than our evening with Miriam and David. The rest of the story can be best told through my photos:

As you enter David and Miriam's property, you are greeted by the smiling cat sign, letting you know to watch for the cats.

David and Chris at the entrance to the front yard.

David and Miriam's three dogs give Chris a loud, but warm, greeting.

One of the cats quickly checks out my camera.

David walks Chris and I to his studio, of one several old log buildings that he has re-built on the property.

A portion of David's studio, where he works primarily in pastels and oils.

One of David's recent works. He only needs to step out his front door to find subjects for his paintings.

Another corner of the studio.

.....a painting waiting to be continued.

Outside David's wood shop, a building separate from his studio.

It seemed that no matter where we walked on the property, I saw images I wanted to capture.

The wood shop.

Miriam in the kitchen, creating what was a wonderful dinner!

It's a tough life for the dogs here.

Even this back yard clothes line had found it's way into David's work.

Before we left, David had put together what he referred to as a "free table" of old metal for me to take home and use in my art. Is that a great guy, or what?

Chris and I reflected on our excellent dinner and visit as we drove the nearly two hour trip back to Wheeling. And in the back of my head, I was thinking how I was going to use those pieces of metal….


central pennsylvania festival of the arts: part 2

I realized today that I have a few more art fest pics I’d like to share. These first few are the backs of artists booths. The public rarely sees, or notices, the back of the booth. This is where artists tend to keep their extra work, packing materials, cooler, etc. It’s where the artists live during the day. The back of an artist’s booth may have as much to say about that person as the front. Perhaps more!

Another view of the art festival that the general public may not often see is that of early morning, before the artists actually open up.

Early Sunday morning.

Below are a few more images of artists work at CPFA:

Sculpture by David Bryce.

Glass by Dylan and Amy Engler.

Shohola Bells (clay).

Mary Hamilton, well known Pittsburgh area printmaker. I was looking for a sign that would read, "If I am not in my booth, just take what you want."

Glass artist Joe Nielander.

Furniture designers/makers, Joe Jacob and Evy Rogers. When the show is slow, they sell newspapers.

Oh.... I want to mention that Chris and I had a great lunch our first day in State College, at Cozy Thai.


Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts

I’ve really dropped the ball on the blog recently. It has been three weeks since I have made an entry, so let me bring things up to date. After the College Board AP reading in Cincinnati last month, I started preparing for the Central PA Festival of the Arts in State College. Chris and I started doing this art festival in 1996, and we really look forward to it each and every year. Here are some pictures I took at this years event:

My booth, B-8, located on Burrowes Street.

Another view of my booth at this year's festival.

Fiber artist Susan Levi-Goerlich has been one of our neighbors at CPFA for the past several years.

Mitch Lyons, the Godfather of the clay monotype is also in our neighborhood.

Photographer Jim Spillane is a regular at the CPFA.

Chris relaxing across from our booth.

Since losing a few trees on Burrowes the past couple years, big umbrellas come in handy for some much needed shade!

Dana Marsh in the booth!

Dana Marsh is the social networking guru for the CPFA and is the person responsible for getting on Facebook this spring. Yes, I used to be glowing with the coolness of NOT being on Facebook, but now I am just another lemming! HA!

A Penn State student shooting some news video of my work.

Sometimes it rains during the arts fest, and Susan is prepared!

They were all out of big umbrellas, so this had to do.

In her booth, the jeweler and mixed media artist, the amazing KIMSTER! aka Kim Young!

Kim had a good show, but her mighty van broke down and she was forced to spend a few extra days in State College until repairs could be completed.

Jeff Unzicker, and his brother, Tom, make some kick butt pots!

Some more of the great Unzicker work!

Chris and I brought home a couple cups from the Unzicker brothers, but I would have loved one of the big pieces! Jeff and I discussed a possible exhibition at West Liberty in the future.

Work by Virginia artist Joan Gardner.

One of our "new" neighbors on Burrowes, ceramic artist Peter Saenger.

Ready to head home: Loretta Fehling, Robert Villamagna, Susan Levi-Goerlich, and Chris Villamagna.

My sales at CPFA were at an all time low, and I ended the weekend deep in the red. On the other hand, it was a beautiful summer weekend, filled with great artist friends, my work was on the festival t-shirt (Thrill!), and I was invigorated by the great art around me.