central pennsylvania festival of the arts: part 2

I realized today that I have a few more art fest pics I’d like to share. These first few are the backs of artists booths. The public rarely sees, or notices, the back of the booth. This is where artists tend to keep their extra work, packing materials, cooler, etc. It’s where the artists live during the day. The back of an artist’s booth may have as much to say about that person as the front. Perhaps more!

Another view of the art festival that the general public may not often see is that of early morning, before the artists actually open up.

Early Sunday morning.

Below are a few more images of artists work at CPFA:

Sculpture by David Bryce.

Glass by Dylan and Amy Engler.

Shohola Bells (clay).

Mary Hamilton, well known Pittsburgh area printmaker. I was looking for a sign that would read, "If I am not in my booth, just take what you want."

Glass artist Joe Nielander.

Furniture designers/makers, Joe Jacob and Evy Rogers. When the show is slow, they sell newspapers.

Oh.... I want to mention that Chris and I had a great lunch our first day in State College, at Cozy Thai.


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