Art and Dinner

Chris and I headed to southwestern PA last Tuesday for a wonderful combination of art and dinner. Our hosts were artist David Lesako and chef/author/food columnist, Miriam Rubin. Visiting an artist’s studio and eating good food is right up there on my top ten list of  things I love to do! It does not get much better than our evening with Miriam and David. The rest of the story can be best told through my photos:

As you enter David and Miriam's property, you are greeted by the smiling cat sign, letting you know to watch for the cats.

David and Chris at the entrance to the front yard.

David and Miriam's three dogs give Chris a loud, but warm, greeting.

One of the cats quickly checks out my camera.

David walks Chris and I to his studio, of one several old log buildings that he has re-built on the property.

A portion of David's studio, where he works primarily in pastels and oils.

One of David's recent works. He only needs to step out his front door to find subjects for his paintings.

Another corner of the studio.

.....a painting waiting to be continued.

Outside David's wood shop, a building separate from his studio.

It seemed that no matter where we walked on the property, I saw images I wanted to capture.

The wood shop.

Miriam in the kitchen, creating what was a wonderful dinner!

It's a tough life for the dogs here.

Even this back yard clothes line had found it's way into David's work.

Before we left, David had put together what he referred to as a "free table" of old metal for me to take home and use in my art. Is that a great guy, or what?

Chris and I reflected on our excellent dinner and visit as we drove the nearly two hour trip back to Wheeling. And in the back of my head, I was thinking how I was going to use those pieces of metal….


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