Workshop with Amanda Preusser

I’ve really ignored my blog in recent weeks (months?), and decided I would get back into it by posting some images from a workshop we had this week at West Liberty University. Currently in the Nutting Gallery is the exhibition Incised, Gouged, Pulled: Keith Dull & Amanda Preusser, featuring the work by these two printmakers. Keith, who teaches printmaking at Ashland University, was on campus earlier in the week to give a lecture on his color reduction linocut process, and he did an excellent presentation. Yesterday, Columbus artist and teacher Amanda Preusser, presented a one-day workshop on monotypes and monoprints.

Amanda opened the workshop with a brief Powerpoint presentation to make sure we didn't confuse our monoprints with our monotypes.


Amanda assists Nancy Tirone at the press.


A few of the workshop participants hard at work.


Prof. Padgett proudly shows off his first print of the day.

My first print of the morning.

Melanie Steffl at work on her plate.

Amanda and Ohio artist Bob Sako at the press.


Workshop participants at the table: Cheryl Harshman, Nancy Tirone, Paula Lucas, and Rachel Shipley.

The result of my second plate of the morning.

Brian Fencl discusses his latest print with Nancy Tirone.

Lambros Tsuhlares proudly points to his results of the day.

Our thanks to Amanda for a great workshop!



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