Ceramic Research Center: part two

Me, standing next to Dango, by Jun Kaneko.

As promised, here are some pics I took at the ASU Ceramic Research Center. Enjoy!

What a great piece! Hard to Swallow, by Sean Henry; glazed stoneware.

Cube Skull Teapot, by Richard Notkin; stoneware.

More fabulous work!

Spook, by Max Lehman; glazed ceramic.

The Couple, by Georges Jeancios; terracotta.

Sleeper, by Tanya Bahura; earthenware, acrylic paint.

Center: Untitled Jar, by Michael & Magdalena Frimkess; glazed stoneware.

I hope you were inspired by seeing some of the works from the CRC collection. Although my own work is in assemblage and mixed-media, I could not help but be invigorated and motivated to make art after Chris and I saw this great collection! According to Peter Held, curator of the CRC, only about one third of the collection is on display. All I could say to that is “Wow!”.


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