Making of “Hunting Aliens”

The following series of photographs were taken as I was building the piece “Hunting Aliens”. The work is printed metal and brads on a birch panel; size is 24″x32″x1″. Thanks for your interest!

The idea for "Hunting Aliens" was sparked by the image of a duck hunter on a metal sign that I picked up at a flea market.

Using a Sharpie, I made a rough sketch of the layout directly on the panel. The automobile and the flying saucers were the first shapes I cut. I moved them around on the panel to get a feel for the look I wanted.

Chris and I had recently been in Sedona, AZ, and that landscape stuck in my head. A huge contrast to our WV hills. I cut out "Sedona-like" rock formations for my landscape.

Cutting out the hunter for his new environment.

Playing with the main shapes of the composition.

Deciding on the mid-ground portion of the landscape, which would be green foilage.

Foliage in place, and begining to create the foreground.

Continuing the foreground, plus I created a shadow for the automobile.

Ground work done, I begin to work on the sky.

Closing in the sky portion of the composition.Introducing the first alien and saucer.

Additional saucers are now in place and this piece is close to completion.

As a finishing touch I add the gunfire, and finish nailing any lose pieces.

"Hunting Aliens" completed!


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