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Wheeling Arts Fest

Entrance to the Wheeling Arts Fest.

After a year in the planning, the Wheeling Arts Commission presented the first Wheeling Arts Fest. This showcase of art, music, theatre, and spoken word, was held in downtown Wheeling, WV, on and around the campus of WV Northern Community College. In my view, Arts Fest was a huge success!

Susan Hogan spent the early morning hours spraying the streets and sidewalks with the Arts Fest footprint!

Early morning set-up for the Artist Market.

For this first year, all spaces in the juried Artist Market were FREE! An optional tent rental fee. for those artists who did not own their own booth, was the only charge. I believe there were a total of 18 Artist Market booths, with several booths being shared by two artists. Eric Price, a former student of mine at West Liberty University, shared a space with me. This was Eric’s first time at presenting his work at an art festival.

Robert Villamagna and Eric Price.

One of Eric's bobble head sculptures.

Watercolorist extraordinair, Marilyn Phillis, and her palette.

The Marsh Wheeling String Band, one of several music groups performing throughout the day.

The Wheeling Arts Fest logo was created by West Liberty University student, Victoria Lavorini.

Chris Villamagna and one of her favorite authors, Keith Maillard, who was speaking in conjunction with Arts Fest.

The Artist Market.

At the wheel is ceramic artist, Paul Latos, along with some of his work.

West Liberty University international students stop by to say hello!

Rollin' Smoke, one of the food vendors, was quite popular.

Lambros Tsuhlares, aka Clay Ninja, demonstrating at the wheel.

By the end of the day, Lambros had created a table full of bowls!

Author Marc Harshman signs a book for a fan at the Spoken Word tent.