‘Hoarders’ called, they want to see my studio!

Recently, Crafthaus, an online community of craft artists, did a feature on artists studios. Wow! I was flabbergasted! All these wonderful spaces….CONTROLLED spaces….with room to actually WORK! But then this past week, Seattle artist Jenny Fillius put a photo of her studio on Facebook. I looked at that photo and wondered to myself, “How does she work in there?” This thought was followed by some nervous laughter, since my own studio is some kind of semi-organized chaos. Now this was real….and very close to home!

A year ago, a couple from Cincinnati purchased a large piece of my work from the Wheeling Artisan Center. A few weeks after acquiring the piece, the couple called to tell me they were coming back to Wheeling and asked if they could meet me. We arranged a time and they stopped by the house. We sat in the living room and they went on about how they were enjoying their recent purchase. Then I heard he words that strike fear into artists whose work spaces are too small and too full: “May we see your studio?” I told them I don’t normally take anyone down there (it is located behind our house in a converted garage), and that it was really a mess. The couple promised to pay no attention to how messy it was, “We just want to see where you make your art!” This went on for several more minutes until finally I gave in.

As we walked to the studio, I continued to warn them that it was quite a mess. They assured me not to worry. As we entered the studio, the couple stopped and became quiet. Suddenly, one of them said, “How do you WORK in here?”

I ask myself that very question at times. How DO I work in here? Years ago my studio space was a spare bedroom with a table, paper, pencils, paint, and brushes. That was before I stared working in assemblage and tin. What a difference.

So here, for your enjoyment, are a few pictures I took this week of my studio. Do I wish it was less cluttered? Less chaotic? Easier to work in? Yes! Yes! Yes! Do I wish it was a bit larger? Another  YES! But here it is, as is! Hopefully a spring cleaning can be worked into the schedule soon, along with some much needed “materials inventory control”.


1 Response to “‘Hoarders’ called, they want to see my studio!”

  1. January 7, 2012 at 1:33 am

    I look at these photos and all I see is a treasure trove of delights.

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