The Meat Show

"If You're Happy and You Know It, Clamp Your Hams", by Robert Villamagna


Nutting Gallery at West Liberty State College is showing the annual Art Faculty Exhibition, “The Meat Show”, January 18 through February 19, 2012.. Art faculty members participating in this years exhibition are Brian Fencl, James Haizlett, Moonjung Kang, Paul Padgett, Nancy Tirone, Lambros Tsuhlares, Robert Villamagna, and Neal Warren.

Each year the Art Faculty Exhibition features a theme and this year the art faculty voted to follow the theme of “meat”. In this exhibition we are primarily focusing on meat as the edible flesh of animals, especially that of mammals. For the most part, this means the skeletal muscle and associated fat and other tissues. The result can be anything from images of meat to images of the Burger King and the musician, Meatloaf, or visual statements about the consumption of meat and vegetarianism.

The consumption of meat has various traditions and rituals associated with it in different cultures, which one may find among these works. The ethical issues regarding the consumption of meat, as well as objections to the act of killing animals, is also touched upon in this exhibition. However, the exhibition is not a “carnivores vs. vegetarians” debate, but rather eight artists exploring the theme of meat, each in his or her own way. The works in the Meat Show cover a wide range of media including drawing, painting, mixed media, digital, construction, photography, and video.

Having a new theme for the exhibition each year does a number of things: it brings a freshness to the annual exhibition, it challenges the members of the art faculty, and it shows students how a diverse group of artists each approach a single problem or idea, each in their own unique way and in a variety of media.

Here is a slide show of the opening and some of the works in the exhibition.

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