Bull Creek Mud Bog

The early morning at the Bull Creek Fleatique was a bit muddy.

Early morning at the Bull Creek Flea-tique was a bit muddy.


The first Bull Creek Flea-tique of the year took place this past Sunday, and I was looking forward to finding some fresh art materials! In my excitement for “opening day”, I did not take into account that the previous week had been a rainy one. Sure, I figured the grass would be a bit damp, but I was ill prepared for surface conditions at Bull Creek. It was muddy. Saying it was muddy does not seem enough. The field was pure muck. The ground was pure sludge.  The rainy weather had turned the flea market into a quagmire, and I had left my rubber boots in a closet at home. (Note to self: always keep a pair of boots in back of truck.)

The highlight of my trudging through this bog was finding a fifty pound shortening can with the name “Roberts” across the front. A friend pointed out that there was no apostrophe, but I still thought of the can has having my name on it. In addition, I picked up a metal canister set that had recipes printed on the surface (good texture material in a tin piece); a metal sign that reads “Hevi-Duty” (that may be a title for a piece); and some miscellaneous assemblage items.

Trying to leave the flea market was a bit challenging. Dozens of vehicles were stuck, while others were being pushed out of the muck by teams of volunteers. A tow truck had arrived and I am sure he was quite busy throughout the remainder of the morning. Leaving through the normal exit road was impossible as several stranded vehicles had created gridlock. I cut across the muddy field to reach the entrance road which was in a bit better condition. I was thankful for my four-wheel drive vehicle! 

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